We are currently presenting in several counties in Florida.  If interested please contact us :)​​

  Classroom whole grade teachers, Alpha, STEM and Gifted teachers LOVE US for their 1st - 8th grade students. 

Our proven success of  this program is supported by teachers, principals, school districts and grant foundations across Florida. 

Hops Events can also be used by businesses, organizations, church groups and faculty groups as a team building/leadership activity.

What are the benefits for my students?

Our activities are specially designed to enhance a student's team working skills, creative problem solving strategies, reading comprehension, and following written and verbal directions precisely.

HoPS Activities are presented to help increase a student's performance as efficient information managers, resource managers,  communicators, effective leader and team workers.

We also provide certificates for each student along with take home goodies.  Stickers for teams achieving top scores for the challenges are also awarded.                                       So good sportsmanship is also practiced:)

Our program emphasizes the desired thinking skills necessary for test success!

Where are HoPS Events held?

We will need a large venue such as a Media Center, Multi Purpose Room, or a close-by community venue, with enough tables for the challenges.

A few Volunteers are needed.   Join the fun!

What is HoPS?

HoPS is an educational and fun 2 1/2 hour competitive "in school field trip".  

Our uniquely designed program encourages students to experience the excitement of creative team work and the thrill of resolving 4 challenging activities using creative solutions.

We bring and present our all inclusive program to your school!

Who is it for?

HoPS Events are offered to grade levels      1-2nd, 3-5th and 6-8th students.

Our program is highly recommended by STEM, Gifted, STEAM, Title 1, Classroom teachers and Principals in school districts all across Florida. 

Our activities offer a variety of math, social studies, physics, science, geography, arts, and history in our unique "hands-on" style challenges for the students to enjoy. 

There is minimal teacher prep required.   Fees are based on the number of participating students.

A HoPS Event also concludes with an awards program with personalized certificates and take home goodies for each student. 

Contact Information:

Owner/Event Director:   Adel Partlo-Locke   hopshandsonproblemsolving@gmail.com

HoPS Professional Certified Presenters:   Sally Baynard salbay@aol.com  and  Barbe O'Steen  bosdteen3@aol.com

Hops Hands On Problem Solving

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                    Educational goals disguised as just plain FUN!!

              Our company also provides Team Building Workshops for teaching staff.

     HOPS Hands on Problem Solving is a highly structured, creative, exciting, intellectually challenging & fun

"in school" competitive team event! 

Our program uses a team approach & students/participants use creative solutions to solve 4 various hands-on educational challenges.

  We bring the whole program to your school,  complete with an awards program and take home goodies for the students!

All in a 2 1/2 hour time frame!