Classroom whole grade teachers, Alpha, STEM and Gifted teachers LOVE US for their 1st - 8th grade students. 

Our proven success of  this program is supported by teachers, principals, school districts and grant foundations across Florida. 

Hops Events can also be used by businesses, organizations, church groups and faculty groups as a team building/leadership activity.

What is  HOPS?

Correlations between the HOPS Program skill levels and desired State Educational Grade Levels Goals are available for review upon request.

HOPS stresses careful reading & following of written & verbal directions precisely.  HOPS emphasized the thinking skills necessary for test success! A fun, educational competitive event disguised as just plain fun!

4 different HOPS Activity Challenges brought to every HOPS Event for eachteam to solve.

HOPS Activities focus on a number of development skills: creative thinking, reading comprehension, interactive team work, team problem solving, strategic planning, decision making,and  challenges which include math, science, 3D design skills, visual processing and physics.

We have a process that has worked well in the past years and we strive to make everything as enjoyable as possible for all.  We take great pride in having our Licensees and Presenters very organized and  bring activities that are safe & age appropriate as well as imaginative and very challenging!

An educational team sport event

 Fun & Educational in School Field Trip

Hops stresses careful reading & following of written and verbal directions precisely,  along with emphasizing good sportsmanship and promoting thinking skills necessary for test success!

Students experience the excitement of putting into action skills they have been learning in the classroom; using creative team thinking & incorporating educational skills with real creative challenges!

Our specially designed formula and activities help enhance a student's creative & problem soliving skills using higher levels of desired thinking skills.

HOPS sparks interest for further exploration of study areas and solving future problems.

Many school systems have found that HOPS works within their strategic plans, goals & strategies

     HOPS Hands on Problem Solving is a highly structured, creative, exciting, intellectually challenging & fun

"in school" competitive team event! 

Our program uses a team approach & students/participants use creative solutions to solve 4 various hands-on educational challenges.


We bring the whole program to your school,  complete with an awards program and take home goodies for the students!

All in a 2 1/2 hour time frame!





    HOPS trained Licensees present our  

    educational  hands on problem solving

    challenges  at your venue. Event participants

    work in teams competing for points  in 4 

    different   challenges.

   Our HOPS Program helps students recognize

   that each member of the team has unique

   abilities & talents essential to success.

  • All event materials including a ceremony with awards, along with Personalized Certificates &  Froggy Treats for each participant are provided! 

  • HOPS presenters bring the whole self contained program to you!

  • 100 participants, broken into a maxium of 20 teams, can be accommodated in one                 2 1/2  hour session.  8 - 20 teams a session.

  • Minimum Teacher Prep!

  • We will need a School Rep Coordinator to work with us to secure date & venue, permission slips & volunteers needed for this field trip.


  • Held in media centers/cafeterias/large multi purpose rooms.

Hops Hands On Problem Solving

Home Office

Learning cleverly disguised as just plain  fun!

Educational Goals & Correlations

   We take great pride in being very  

   organized and bringing activities

   that are safe and age appropriate as 

   well as imaginative and challenging!  

   Left brain ... right brain ... a perfect 


   Dedicated to creating unique "out of

   the box" challenges that intrigue 

   young imagination & instill a sense  

   of  curiosity to foster a lifelong love

   for learning!