• At each HOPS Presentation Session there are 4 different  

           challenges for the teams to solve without  adult help.

  • The variety of different skill goals will be sure to

           spark students interest.

  • Our HOPS Challenges have fun names to peak interest: Panic at the Palindrome, Secrets of the Pyramid, Dragon  Rescue,   Frogs  in  Space, Day "toad" a 500, Captain

           Jack's Treasure Hunt, Octo - Puzzle, Lily Pad Pile Up,

           & "Toad"-ally  Magical;  just  to name a few of our activities. 

  • Good problem solvers develop a sense of control

            over their environment & their lives that leads to a  

            strength of character & self esteem that allows them

            to develop the confidence so necessary for success

            in the future.

  • To promote goals to groom next generation of little

            humans to succeed in the real world.

  • TEAM - Together Everyone Achieves More!

  • While education technology is a basic & crucial

            component of the classroom, we must  still  ensure 

            that   students  are  engaging with each other in

            meaningful ways.  

           Team building exercises are a great way to do this and

            they will  never  go out  of style.

Educational Goals cleverly disguised as just plain fun!

  • The HOPS  Program  is  continually  reviewed 

        and keeps  evolving to meet the needs of

        different  levels of students needs to keep with 

        many of the state set educational goals.

  • To build performance as efficient information manager, communicators, resource managers, effective leaders & cooperative workers.

  • Careful reading and attention to detail helps to prepare for standardized test or focusing on time

           and stress management.

  • Data sheets are available upon request that

            show educational correlations between HOPS

            and Common Core State Standards, FSA Florida 

            State Standards, and Gifted Education Goals.

  • HOPS stresses careful reading and following of written and verbal directions precisely and emphasized the thinking  skills necessary for

            testing success!

Educational Goals cleverly disguised as just plain fun!

HOPS Specially Designed Program


  • Dedicated to creating innovated educational

           materials that intrigue young imagination & instill

           a sense of wonder & foster a lifelong love for


  • All HOPS Activity Challengesfocus on a number of  developmental  skill  which include: following written  and   verbal   directions,   reading comprehension,  interactive teamwork,  team building, strategic planning,  creative critical  thinking  skills, team

           problem solving, articulating, analyzing, decision     

           making, team member responsibilities, managing

           stress & time management skills.

  • In the presentation of the 4 HOPS Challenges brought  to  an  event, participants will also work on skills which could  include: logical/analytical reasoning, science, math, 3D design skills, magnetics, scanning  &  visual  processing, decryption skills and physics.

  • Activities are developed to increase students performance as efficient information manager, communicators, resource managers, effective leaders and cooperative workers.

  • Our specially  designed formula  stresses  the use

           of polite teamwork and  sportsmanship.

  • Creative  innovative educational materials that spark young imaginations and foster a lifelong love of learning.

  • HOPS addresses many skills students  will use

            later in life as they enter the  business world and    


Educational Goals & Correlations

Educational Correlations

HOPS Specially Designed Program

Educational Correlations