Each HOPS Event  we have found does their funding differently.  

  • Some have each participant pay themselves.

  • Some have their PTA or PTO cover all the expense - or part of it.

  • Others apply for grants from various support organizations.

Teachers can enjoy watching their teams work with each other and the creative challenging HOPS activities.  Optional Pre and Post Discussion guides are available from the School Coordinator if  so desired.

Teachers will also be involved with approving the team combinations of students and their team name.  They may also be involved with helping the School Coordinator with the Permission Slips as usual for a field trip.


We have found that TEAM SPIRIT by the teams has really developed!  This has been great and part of the whole event as students are only referred to by their Team Name! Students create their own team name as the first step in using team building skills!  From there they have showed up carrying team banners, wearing artistic styled  team name tags, T-shirts, face painting and some even costumes! Super HOPS Heroes - Flying Frogs (complete with wings) there have been many.  Some teams just wear all the same color or have little chants & cheers just for their teams.  Some schools Teachers set the event mood by dressing ups with frog aprons and green wigs   It has been very interesting and fun FOR ALL!

This is our main contact!  The HOPS Presenter works closely with the schools School Coordinator to secure info for the event. 

  • the School Coordinator will be sent a HOPS Info Packet with needed information, reproducible forms, contract and return dates.
  • Be in charge of getting HOPS the teams list complete with each participants correct spelling for their personalized certificate.
  • Secures a location for the event along with tables and chairs for Volunteers and the Head Table HOPS Staff and confirms event time frames.
  • Returns signed contract and payment for event by due dates.
  • Provides set up info & contacts along with turning in  Student Permission Slips  to the HOPS staff  before event.

A HOPS Event can not happen without them! Volunteers are needed to score the teams as they complete their challenges.

Volunteer training is 45 minutes before the event.   Volunteers are trained for the station they will be working during the HOPS session.  Volunteers will have clipboards with sample directions sheets and all info needed to score the teams. Team score sheets for each event are handed in to the head table before teams rotate to the next challenge.  Volunteers will usually score 4 teams during the event.





Most of our presentations are to schools and students from 1st - 8th grades.  Hops Events can also be used by businesses, organizations and faculty groups as a team building/leadership activity,

Hops has presented to schools for whole grade groups, STEM, Alpha and Gifted Students and grade level combinations.  Usually a session will consist of 1st - 2nd or 3-5th  or 6th -8th grades. We  have a combination style for your needs.  Just ask!

Have a small number of STEM or Gifted students?  No Worries! CLUSTER SITE EVENTS can possibly be formed by having neighboring schools attend.

Please see our "Host  a HOPS Event" tab for more info!

1st & 2nd Grades - We call these grades our "Tadpoles".  We try to keep these students together. Sometimes 1st - 3rd grade even sessions are held.  With this level the Volunteers will ONLY read the directions at the table when the team arrives.  We are amazed as these teams usually have scores right up with the higher grades!

Students arrive with their teams for the event.  There is an introduction & Pre-event talk followed by distributing  team folders to the teams for the activity challenges.

The HOPS Presenter does all the timing and rotating of the teams.  Teams will have time to read their instructions for the challenge then 10 minutes for the activity challenges.  The goal is to get as many points for the event as possible, not finish the challenge and be bored.  Bonus points are often included.

When time is called score sheets are turned into the head table, the activity is reset by the Volunteer & then teams are rotated to the next challenge.

After the rotation of all the challenges is completed there is an Awards Ceremony for the top scores for EACH activity.  The top 3 overall scores for the whole event are announced and then personalized HOPS Certificates for each student along with Froggy Treats are given.

During the activity challenges teams will tackle the challenges without teacher or parent involvement.  Verbal and written directions given to the teams become very important.

Students shouts of "We did it" are said with pride for their accomplishments and parents are impressed by the abilities of their children.

Sportsmanship and stress are addressed during the event.  Time management, setting activity goals and working with a team become key factors during the event.








Thoughtfully designed, our unique HOPS Program encourages students to experience the excitement of team creative thinking & the thrill of resolving problems with creative solutions.   With restraints on time, materials, and directive,  students teams are  compelled to use higher levels of  desired thinking skills.  Focus, solutions, and teamwork ideas bloom along with the excitement of HOPS!

  • Hops can usually hold 2 sessions a day if the venue doesn't change.

  • ​HOPS can also present more than once a year as our program has over 50 different challenges in reserve.

  • ​Some teachers use HOPS in the fall to help bring their class together and view students strengths. Others like HOPS to help with prep for testing; and some schools like it twice a year for maximum benefit to their students skills!

  • We have a process that has worked well over the years and we strive to have all our HOPS Licensees follow this formula.

  • Highly recommended by Classroom Teachers: Gifted, Alpha, Advanced Learners and STEM Teachers along with Principals in school districts across Florida!

  • We take great pride in being very organized and bringing activities that are safe and age appropriate as well as imaginative and challenging.

  • Permission Slips are required for all participants for this field trip.Provide Set up info/contacts


  • They (challenges) get better every year!I

         I wonder what you are bringing next time!

  • That was so hard, but WE did it!

  • Amazing - we did it!

  • I usually don't work well with a team but today was great,

  • My TEAM did a good job.

  • I am so proud of my team and how we figured things out

Here are some of the responses we have received after a HOPS Event from Administrators, Volunteers, Teachers, Parents and Students:

  • I didn't think my kid's team could do that...they were awesome!

  • That was the best time I've ever had! When can we do it again?

  • We should have read the directions more carefully!

  • I didn't think they would figure it out but they did. 

         The hardest part as a Volunteer was to not to give hints & help them!

  • We had a lot of trouble on that one, lets make the next one better

  • We definitely want you to come back again!

These remarks have conveyed a sense of accomplishment & pride & let us know HOPS Hands on Problem Solving has hit its mark!