All HOPS activities focus on the following 

       developmental skill sets which include:

  • following both written & verbal direction
  • reading comprehension
  • interactive teamwork and team  building
  • strategic planning   &  creative thinking
  • problem solving & articulating
  • analyzing & decision  making
  • managing stress & time management skills.

   Participating in team building challenges can 

   promote  cooperation & communication, help establish

   a positive classroom environment

  • Dragon Rescue

  • Frogs in Space
  • Panic at the Palindrome

The HOPS Hands on Problem Solving Program formula and goals were developed to help students develop in the following areas:

  • Competency in creative/critical thinking skills  
  • Honing problem-solving skills
  • Communications
  • Resource management
  • Handling stressful situations & frustration
  • Sportsmanship


WHAT IS HOPS? Main Office

What is  HOPS?

The HOPS Hands on Problem Solving LLC program is a copyrighted program where teams experience the excitement of solving 4 unique educational hands on problem solving challenges.  Teams must read directions, assess the task at hand, decide how to use the materials provided, organize, stratagize, and formulate a plan of action to accomplish the goal with in a limited time frame!  Teams are made up of 4-6 participants.  8-20 teams participate in one session, 20 teams is the maximum allowed for one session.  Each session runs 2 1/2 hours. Two sessions can be accommodated during most school days.    Permission slips are needed for this "in-school" field trip.

  We hope our creative, innovative, educational 

  challenges spark young imaginations and

  intrigue students to  a lifelong love of learning

and solving problems.



  • Improve cooperative learning skills
  • Reading comprehension
  • Effective teamwork skills
  • Creative thinking
  • Effective leader & cooperative worker skills
  • Cultivate responsible team membership attributes

  HOPS Activities are presented to help 

  increase a students performance as

  efficient information managers, communi-

  cators, resource managers, effective

leaders & cooperative workers.


    TEAM - Together Everyone Achieves More!  

  Team building exercises are a great way

   to  do  this.   Our specially  designed

   program also  stresses the  use of polite

   teamwork & sportsmanship.

   Detailed information sheets are included in  the HOPS

   Information Packet sent to the HOPS School coordinator.

   Questions?  Please see our "Hosting a HOPS Event" page.


  • How do I plan my student numbers and break them into teams?
  • How many tables and what size area will I need for the amount of teams I will have at the event?
  • Should I have one or 2 sessions?
  • How do I form a Cluster Site with my small number of students?
  • Reproducible info sheets of: HOPS Student Permission Slips and Volunteer Request Slips along with What is HOPS.

   Questions  can be answered by your HOPS Event Presenter.

    The activity challenges really help spark the interest  

    and imagination.  Some of the challenges names are:

  • Psychedela- mazing           
  • Secrets of the Pyramid         
  • Nuts & Bolts                     

    - just to name just a few of our many assortments! 

    Challenges incorporate math, science, physics,

    hand-eye coordination, decryption skills, calculating

    outcomes, visual processing,mazes,  puzzles.

    Each year new generations of  specially

    handcrafted,  tested,  challenging and exciting

    activity challenges are developed by the parent

    company of HOPS Hands on Problem Solving LLC for

    use in our specially  crafted  program.